Trinity Plane

Mole in One
September 14, 2015
November 2, 2015



This was my second game I made in Unity by myself, this time the objective was to think about the economy within your game, have enemies, and have a rock-paper-scissors mechanic.

Mechanations Diagram

In this game you play a plane in a 2D Side scrolling adventure trying to survive the futuristic war against the aliens! The special thing about this plane is. . . that it can change it’s element! The reason for this is because every alien has a different element that it is born with, which you can counter by switching to the element he is weak against! Defeat the enemies, get coins, buy upgrades. . .and save the world!!!

Use the W A S D keys to move the plane around, shooting with Spacebar and changing mode with 1 2 3.


Trinity Plane

full-screen is broken, as this is a very old project from the unity 4.x times.

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