Perfect Maze Generator

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March 16, 2020
January 5, 2021


So this was a project I made to create a perfect maze generator in Unity, the functional requirements for the maze were as follows;

  1. It has to create perfect mazes, meaning that every tile is accessible and there are no loops.
  2. Through UI the width, height, and generation of the maze can be controlled.
  3. The maze is to be displayed in its entirety on the screen regardless of its size, with minimum white space surrounding it.
  4. Add a character to navigate through the maze via user input.
  5. Make use of LeanTween for animations/movement.

Hold down the W A S D keys to walk the character around the randomly generated maze.

Source code
Feel free to play around with the code yourself as I posted the source code on Github. 


Perfect Maze Generator

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