• 2021 Habi+

    This is the first Flutter App that I published on the Google Play store. The idea for this project arose from the fact that a friend of mine needed a simple app to keep track of his daily habits/tasks. It is possible to add new tasks, assign them to certain weekdays, keep track of your tasks, and even use a timer for time-based tasks.
  • 2020 Perfect Maze Generator

    So this was a project I made to create a perfect maze generator in Unity, the functional requirements for the maze were as follows; 1.-It has to create perfect mazes, meaning that every tile is accessible and there are no loops. 2.-Through UI the width, height, and generation of the maze can be controlled. 3.-The maze is to be displayed in its entirety on the screen regardless of its size, with minimum white space surrounding it. 4.-Add a character to navigate through the maze via user input. 5.-Make use of LeanTween for animations/movement.
  • 2020 Angular Demos

    This is an attempt for me to teach myself Angular by creating a couple of small demos. Being experienced in the Flutter framework, and having created PWA's with that for a couple of months, I noticed that Angular is another framework that is not only more stable but also quite popular when it comes to available jobs.
  • 2018-2019 Shogito Digital Demo (Work In Progress)

    This is a project I started at the request of Tomoko Kita (the owner of Shogito), who I have met in during one of her Shogito Game workshops. Her request was, for me to create a digital demo of the Kickstarter succeeded boardgame that she created called Shogito.
  • 2018 Global Goals Jam 2018

    The #GlobalGoalsJam 2018 is a two day event consisting of short design sprints. Creative teams of designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together using a tailored toolkit.
  • 2018 Graduation Project at OrangeGames: Slot machine for Governor of Poker 3.

    Graduation Project at OrangeGames; In the past OrangeGames has made a slot machine game called Poker Slots, which due to certain design choices was really unsuccessful, as almost no players returned to play it. That is why they don’t want to make the same mistakes while implementing the slot machine mini-game in their most successful game with more than ten thousands of active players. Not only because it might end up in a failed feature, but also because of the risk of losing their current player base.
  • 2018 Project Design Across Cultures: Emotion in Design

    Kyushu University DxC is a project with global initiative for collaboration between cities and multidisciplinary multicultural design teams to tackle similar local challenges all over the world, using the undeniable force of cultural differences and similarities as a design strategy. The teams speak a common language: (design) methods. They use this language to share and transfer the design process between teams so that they build upon each other’s research, research papers, ideas and insights rather than merely the end-result.
  • 2017 Global Goals Jam 2017

    The #GlobalGoalsJam 2017 is a two day event consisting of short design sprints. Creative teams of designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together using a tailored toolkit.
  • 2017 ETPA: Mobile Energy Trading Platform

    During my Mobile Development Semester I have to create a mobile version of the Energy Trading Platform during my project.
  • 2017 ECHO VR

    Global Game Jam 2017 HTC VIVE Project.
  • 2017 Flubber The Blubber

    First time Google Play Store launching Game project.
  • 2016Internship XL Family

    Multiple Projects
    Albert Heijn, Google Cardboard Game
    Broshuis, Samsung Gear VR Showroom
    XL Family , Samsung Gear VR Website Livingroom Experience
    Pathé, Finding Dory: Augmented Reality experience
    XL Family Lab, Knight Watch VR (HTC VIVE Game)
  • 2016 Kesuma: The Volcanic God

    First time joining a Global Game Jam.
  • 2016 Roid Rage

    Roid Rage
    First time creating a Multiplayer game.
  • 2015 Heuprovi

    First Agile Scrum project to create an HTML game for Waag Society.
  • 2014 Ninja Cottontail

    Ninja Cottontail
    First time creating a Java game in a Team.