Trinity Plane
October 5, 2015
Roid Rage
January 21, 2016


This was my third game I made in Unity by myself, this time the objective was to have a dynamic in the game, meaning progression is visible.

In this game you play a as Mike, an adventurer who has to go through a trial to obtain a treasure. It has been told that this treasure will changed the life of the adventurer who is able to obtain it, and is worth sooooo much that no one would ever be able to put a price tag on it! Will you be able to reach to the treasure? Join him on his adventure on Rhythmetopia, a planet in which the residents fight each other through music!

Hold down the D F J K keys to get the falling notes, press Enter to get past the tutorial and drag the keys with your mouse to open the lock to the next level.



full-screen is broken, as this is a very old project from the unity 4.x times.

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