Mole in One

Ninja Cottontail
December 21, 2014
Trinity Plane
October 5, 2015

This was my very first game I made in Unity by myself, with the objective being to stick with the given theme “Physics”. We first of started with a Rube Goldberg experiment in class, to give us any kind of inspiration. Which for me was to have a game that after a single input, depends on its response. Something like golf!

This game is about a mole who has to get back home by reaching the hole, which leads to his house. The gameplay is comparable with 2D golf games, but the mole itself is very bouncy which creates an interesting gameplay.

Press a direction once, and the mole will jump that way. The mole can not jump until he has hit a block once again.

Mole in One

full-screen is broken, as this is a very old project from the unity 4.x times.

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