Kesuma: The Volcanic God

Roid Rage
January 21, 2016
Blubber The Flubber
January 24, 2017

This was my first time competing in the Global Game Jam. Together with 3 other Programmers and 1 Artist we made a group of 5 developers in which I took the roll of the Audio&Music Guy! Ofcourse I also did a little bit of programming but because we only had like 48 hours to finish the whole game, I mainly focussed on composing a fitting BGM(background music) and creating/mixing the sound effects. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but as a group we were extremely proud of what we managed to achieve!

Every 10 years Kesuma is being reincarnated!!!
This god is so evil that he destroys everyone and everything on his sight!!! That’s why they call him “the volcanic god”, he will erupt like a sleeping volcano to destroy the world!

Don’t be afraid, because in this game YOU are Kesuma himself! It’s your objective to survive the hordes of sea-mankind which will try to eliminate you!

The game is a top down Twin-Stick Shooter.
So an Xbox controller is necessary to play it~

(The ingame musicloop is composed by me, to make the gameplay feel fast like a twin-stick shooter should!)

Download & Documents
Global Game Jam Page:

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