Angular Demos

Shogito Digital Demo
January 17, 2019
Perfect Maze Generator
April 18, 2020

This is an attempt for me to teach myself Angular by creating a couple of small demos. Being experienced in the Flutter framework, and having created PWA’s with that for a couple of months, I noticed that Angular is another framework that is not only more stable but also quite popular when it comes to available jobs.


Day 1: Calculator App

[Press the image to see it in action] My first time trying out Angular, following a written tutorial, I managed to create this working calculator.

Day 2: TicTacToe App

[Press the image to see it in action] In my second attempt at Angular, following a video tutorial, I managed to create this working tictactoe game. I did try to make it more responsive than what was done in the tutorial, but I still need to brush my CSS skills up for that. (Also I used SCSS instead of CSS this time) It does, however, have PWA functionality.

Day 3: Reddit Clone

[Press the image to see it in action] This time I quit the random online tutorials and started to learn from a book. Which made me understand the concept of Angular way better. This first app I created with the help of this book, is like a Reddit clone where you can make an entry to put in the list and then vote for it.

Day 4: Http News Client

[Press the image to see it in action] After hours of continuing to learning from the previous book, I noticed that the book never returns to practical learning. As I learn best from practical learning than just reading, I switched to another book and build a simple news application that retrieves data from the JSON REST API. As well as subscribing to an RxJS Observable and using the *ngFor directive to iterate over the fetched data.

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