Global Goals Jam 2017 – Fukuoka, Japan – Team TOIOT

June 12, 2017
Project Design Across Cultures: Emotion in Design
January 21, 2018
The #GlobalGoalsJam 2017 is a two day event consisting of short design sprints. Creative teams of designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together using a tailored toolkit. Together, we will create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term goals. Do you want to join a global community of change-makers, ranging from Rio de Janeiro, Accra, Copenhagen to Amman, Delhi, Fukuoka and more? Join us to Design 2030 Now! This time we focus on SDGs 11 "Sustainable Cities and Communities" with technology such as the Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication for the inclusive city. The event is organized by the United Nations Development Program and MediaLAB Amsterdam. Let’s design 2030 together!
Our concept idea first was only to have an attachment to the toilets like a winch that could transport the disabled person from the wheelchair to the toilet and back, having some kind of support for balance while sitting on the toilet, having a way to signal when you need to go to the toilet and when you are done and finally some way to navigate to the toilet and back.

Our concept however became the winch that is connected to the toilet so that there is only need for 1 facility worker to assist the disabled person, a backpack/ support for use with the winge, and a roller coaster kind of seat belt to keep the person balanced in place without the need of any facility workers while being on the toilet. Except for that the seat belt and wall next to the toilet have a touch area to signal that you’re done and a facility worker can come to pick you up.

Plus an extra plan to have a community or service where developers can work on sustainability solutions like the UFO, but then with collaboration of people with disabilities themselves.